TAY - The Taylor Swift Story (Unabridged)

Jill Parker: TAY - The Taylor Swift Story (Unabridged)
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Taylor marched up to the woman behind the front desk and went into gear. "Hi! I'm Taylor Swift! I'm eleven and I want a record deal!" She handed the woman her CD. "Call me!" she said and flashed her a cheery smile. "She thought I was cute," Taylor said when she was back in the car. "The usual 'Go away and come back when you're eighteen'." Taylor stared out the side window as her mother drove slowly down Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. As they passed by the famous Bluebird Cafe she said: "Someday I'm going to sing here." This is the biography of one of the world's most famous singers, narrated by Becca Stewart.

2020 by Audio-To-Go Publishing Ltd., Ireland / Tay - The Taylor Swift Story (C) Copyright 2020 Wild Soccer USA, Beverly Hills CA, USA. All Rights Reserved. First print edition published by Sole Books an imprint of Wild Soccer USA Inc.

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