The Price of Oil, Episode 4: Baby Oil (BBC Afternoon Drama)

Jonathan Myerson: The Price of Oil, Episode 4: Baby Oil (BBC Afternoon Drama)
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1991: the start of the First Gulf War. As the first bombs fall on Baghdad, a young man walks into the Marines Recruiting Office and demands to join up... because the war is his fault. Baby Oil follows a young staffer's last crazy weeks in the White House, as George Bush Snr's administration struggles to sell to the American people the unpalatable idea of committing US troops to defend an oil-rich monarchy like Kuwait. That is until the young staffer finds the perfect way...

Daniel Betts, James McArdle and Michael J. Shannon star in Jonathan Myerson's imagined political drama, based on real events in the propaganda campaign at the outbreak of the First Gulf War. One of a season of dramas exploring the history of oil - and the price we've paid for it.

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